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News Bulletin

     Swindon IA is affiliated to a larger regional ostomy patient support group, The Midlands Ileostomy Association (Midlands IA), which is also a UK registered charity in its own right.
     In March, July and November, the Midlands IA publishes a magazine for its members in A5 format, the Midlands News Bulletin. The magazine is printed to the highest standards possible on quality gloss paper. Printing costs are met due to the ongoing support of major ostomy appliance manufacturers and suppliers in the UK who generously purchase advertising space within the magazine.
     The Midlands News Bulletin's editorial team are all volunteers and view the many hours of work spent producing the magazine as a 'labour of love'. Each affiliated local group is expected to produce a news report for each edition, outlining their groups activities and achievements. Members are also invited to submit articles, photographs and even cartoons for publication within their Midlands News Bulletin.