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Dated 21/7/2021 *  As members will know, having been advised by email, our next meeting on Sunday, August 15th at 2:30 pm will not be the hoped for live meeting but a virtual meeting via the ‘Zoom’ platform. We had been hoping/assuming that the removal of the Covid lock down restrictions on July 19th would pave the way back to normality, enabling us to plan live meetings again. However, the latest information from our venue, Lawn Community Centre, is that they are currently planning a phased reopening in mid-September but, with the massive escalation of Covid cases in some areas in recent days, I’m not holding my breath! Basically, we are completely in the hands of our venues. In our next planned members’ mailshot in late October, hopefully, we will then know if we will be able to hold a live AGM in early December and will advise members accordingly – so keep your fingers – and everything else -crossed!


*  Some good news at last! I’m delighted to confirm we have a new treasurer, Mr. Andrew Lawson! Although Andy has agreed to accept the office of treasurer, there will be a transition period during which time do please continue to send all cash and cheques etc. to our current acting treasurer, Vernon Fernandes.


* We have been informed by the Great Western Hospital stoma care team that they are now unable to accept surplus appliance supplies from patients for dispatching to the Third World (Romania, Ukraine, Ghana etc.)

 However, UK charity Stomawise may be able to accept them at: