IA’s National Executive Committee is offering new contracts to member organisations such as ourselves of either branch or affiliate status.  So, where does all that leave Swindon IA?

   Well, at the present we are being “encouraged” to choose an option without delay.  However, Swindon is in a unique position in that our current constitution states that our beneficiaries are ‘ostomists’ rather than solely  ileostomists. With the support of members, we applied to the Charity Commission in 1996 for this amendment, which was granted as it better reflected our membership - both then and now.

   The three options currently being offered to us are:

 1/ Branch status, were we effectively hand over the responsibility of running Swindon IA to the national body, surrendering  our autonomous charity status.

 2/ Affiliated status. Although retaining autonomous charity status there would be severe restrictions and more central control.

 3/ Leave the IA network and continue as a local ostomy patient support group charity.

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Betty Watkins

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of former Swindon IA trustee, Mrs Betty Watkins on 19 October 2017. Upon moving to Swindon from Norfolk in March 1994, Betty immediately transferred into the Swindon Division and was co-opted onto our committee in June of that year. Betty and her late husband, Brian, both worked tirelessly fund raising for our charity and will be very much missed.