Ostomy & Pouch patient & carer support charity group for all. “Ostomy Mates” is a trademark of  Swindon-IA+  Reg. Charity  1038734

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The aim of our group is to help and support people with ostomies (stomas) and their carers, each other and to make new friends and enjoy the lives our ostomies are giving us  - it is amazing how good it can be just to meet someone who really understands what you are experiencing.

We socialise over coffees, picnics, pubs and are restarting our annual BBQ, at Lydiard Park (See Events). We  organise local exhibitions from suppliers, as well as talks on a variety of subjects. If there is anything you feel is more ‘you’, for you and your friends, then let’s do it! Swimming, walking, partying, running, cycling, shopping, we’d be happy to help, come and organise it with us.

Have a look at the pictured activities around our website to see what all our ostomy friends on Twitter have been getting up to! Click on the pictures to see their Twitter posts.

For further info, please contact our secretary, Mike Seed, at secretary@swindon-ia.org.uk. Mike is also an Ileostomy Association One2One support volunteer. michael.seed@iasupport.org.

We are looking for someone to become a ColostomyUK phone support volunteer  

Our committee of friends can be found HERE, fancy getting stuck in with your own activities? Do come and have a go…




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The Ostomy Mates  who run things for us all…

President: Mr Richard Payne FRCS


Chairman: Frank Williams  chairman@swindon-ia.org.uk

Secretary: Mike Seed secretary@swindon-ia.org.uk

Treasurer: Andy Lawson treasurer@swindon-ia.org.uk

Social Media: Vernon Fernandes socialmedia@swindon-ia.org.uk

The Younger Set: Malcolm Lancaster secretary@swindon-ia.org.uk

Midlands IA Representative: Ray Wanless

And it could be YOU too!

We have two new members joining at the next committee meeting. Got some ideas? Come on over…

Mail: secretary@swindom-ia.org.uk?subject=I've an idea.... Contact Us Membership Become an Ostomy Mate